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Let’s work together

We understand that working with local and state government authorities can be difficult. Lack of clarity in process and nuances in local jurisdictions can be challenging for even the most experienced project teams. This often adversarial, master-servant relationship between statutory authorities and commercial entities is prevalent in NSW and the broader Australian landscape, and can seriously affect your project timeframes, costs and delivery outcomes. If your project is positioned to bring economic benefits to our region, then we’re here to work with you to navigate these challenges together.

Let’s co-create solutions

With the single goal of job creation and economic prosperity in our region, our aim is to unashamedly establish Lake Macquarie City as the preferred area to invest and do business in Australia. For this reason, we have worked to make your planning and project delivery process smoother, more efficient and more transparent.

We work with you to build a common language, shared vision and commitment with local council, state government, political leaders and decision makers.

Uniquely placed to articulate the important contribution your project will make to the local, state and national economy, we can help you leverage and strengthen your collaboration and negotiation capacity with key stakeholders. Importantly, we act transparently and handle all commercially sensitive and confidential information with respect and security.

Our process

Our job is to work alongside you and your team at each stage of your project – from idea and concept through to delivery – to create the clarity, transparency and certainty you need.

We collaborate, advocate, troubleshoot and mediate alongside you – to ultimately see your project through to completion.

We’re interested in working with you regardless of the stage you are at. We can provide you with assistance, whether you are close to delivery or early on in your process. However, experience has shown that the earlier you engage with us, the better outcomes you will likely achieve.

Project phases

Idea & concept

Idea & concept

At this early stage, we work with you to understand your organisation and its motivations, long-term goals and project plans. We help you assess the risks and viability of your project, and facilitate important early insights from local and state authorities. This provides early certainty, and allows you to better understand resource allocation, costs and timeframes for your project.


We help you to:

  • Facilitate early idea and concept exploration via moderated, non-threatening engagements with local and state authorities.
  • Understand the unique challenges and opportunities of your project.
  • Connect with local and experienced partners and consultants.
  • Identify land and assets appropriate to your project.


As you finalise the details of your project and prepare your development or rezoning application, we work alongside you in as much detail as you need. It is in this phase of development that our experience in demonstrating the value and alignment of projects to the City’s strategic vision adds most value to our partnership. We are able to act as a commercial interface to government, navigating complexity on your behalf while maintaining all parties’ statutory and probity requirements.


We help you to:

  • Educate stakeholders of the benefits of your project by conducting an independent evaluation, using local and state government approved modelling tools to calculate the economic contribution and jobs supported by your project.
  • Communicate with local and/or state authorities, senior managers and political decision makers. We do this by facilitating strategic presentations with the right people at the right time, and offering early engagement on communications and messaging, an essential ingredient to the success of your project.
  • Complete vital commercial processes by providing guidance and advice on matters such as:
    • Financial feasibility
    • Planning your architectural design
    • Connecting with tenants, suppliers and other partners to provide lower-cost opportunities and quality outcomes
  • Understand the best way to effectively and efficiently submit your proposals/project for planning approval by facilitating constructive two-way communication and engagement with statutory authorities.

Planning Approval

Your project will start to feel real as you proceed towards seeking approval for your plans. In this phase, we will support your project via planning authority submissions and troubleshooting. It’s important to be clear that we do not have any direct influence on the statutory planning process or its outcomes, however we will be a valuable ally and trusted partner to assist you in navigating the process and its challenges. Our key objective is to do everything we can for a smooth, seamless and efficient planning process.


We help you to:

  • Strengthen the credibility of your application with letters of support that clearly articulate the economic contribution and jobs that will be created through your project. Experience shows that our independent assessment of economic contribution and job creation (both during construction and in perpetuity) is highly valuable to the assessment undertaken by statutory authorities.
  • Understand challenges and provide strategies to navigate any roadblocks that may emerge during the planning process.
  • Identify solutions to assist you and your planning partners / strategic consultants in issues that may arise in request for information and draft conditions.

Commercial Approval

We understand that planning approval on its own does not guarantee that a project will commence. At this stage, conditions precedent, statutory approval conditions and your ability to achieve final in-house financial and commercial approval is essential to a project commencing. Our role at this stage is to ensure that the commercial approval of your project proceeds in a timely manner.


We help you to:

  • Meet conditions precedent and statutory approval conditions by facilitating and mediating necessary discussions with statutory authorities.
  • Conduct scenario planning and strategic option input to ensure that project construction and operational phases can commence quickly.
  • Troubleshoot any unforeseen delays.


Your project is shovel-ready and the excitement kicks in now that your project is underway. At this phase, our role is largely to monitor progress and be available as an advocate and advisor should any hurdles arise.


We help you to:

  • Find the right commercial partners, local suppliers or other support.
  • Navigate any misunderstandings that arise with statutory authorities by coordinating discussions with the right people at the right time.
  • Prepare for the completion of your project.


In this final stage of your project, we take the time to reflect on the process to date. We evaluate our collaborative partnership and reorient towards understanding your long-term goals post-completion so we can connect you with any future opportunities.

We help you to:

  • Celebrate and communicate your success by reaffirming the economic contribution your project is now making to the local, regional and state economy with statutory authorities and political stakeholders.
  • Revisit your goals and growth plans to ensure we can refer opportunities and provide relevant insights to support your next horizon or future projects.
  • Close the loop on any outstanding matters.