City Profile

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A city with an appetite for growth

Dantia’s Lake Macquarie City Economic Development Strategy 2018-2038 sets a clear pathway towards economic growth in the city. Endorsed by Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) and adopted as the guiding principle of Imagine Lake Mac 2050, Council’s key 30 year planning document.

The strategies highlight an appetite for growth and a supportive planning and development environment that is primed and ready to bring your investment, expansion or relocation goals to life.

Investment attraction packages

Talk to us about the Lake Macquarie Investment Attraction Package. We take a customised approach to create solutions for your needs, reducing costs, creating certainty, and guiding you down the right path for timely delivery of your project.


Strong population and market growth

With a current population of 203,000, Lake Macquarie is targeting a 2.7% p.a. rate of growth to 311,500 by 2038. The broader Hunter region is targeting growth to 1,000,000 by 2038, creating a substantial market and employer base for businesses.

Strategic location and established infrastructure

Lake Macquarie is just 90 minutes from Sydney, situated at the midpoint of the eastern seaboard and a total market reach over 6 million. Access to ports, airports, rail and roads connects you with all major domestic industries with ease. Locating your activities or tourism product in Lake Macquarie gives you all the benefits of access to Australia’s largest market without the drawbacks and costs of doing business in Sydney directly.

Residential construction boom

Streamlining of development processes and stimulation of the construction sector through investment attraction has accelerated residential construction in the region. Lake Macquarie is targeting 2,459 new dwellings p.a. (+3.3%).

Prime development land

Looking for land? We have over 6,000 hectares of usable and desirable land for infill, brown, greenfield and adaptive reuse development. Strategically allocated allotments sit alongside the coast and lake shores for residential development, with key commercial and industrial tracts located alongside major heavy vehicle routes and connected to freight rail corridors.


Engaged workforce

Lake Macquarie presents a desirable lifestyle for your employees: with an exceptional quality of life and low cost of living delivering retention and loyalty. We have a motivated workforce waiting for you with a diverse range of skills and competencies.

Significantly lower cost base

Lake Macquarie offers low development and operational costs alongside an idyllic lifestyle for you, your family, staff and your business. The cost of industrial land is up to 80% less than equivalent in Sydney, with commercial rentals also coming in at 25% under Sydney averages. Employee turnover is low and you’ll quickly benefit from the regional salary benchmark.

Leading innovation

Lake Macquarie boasts nation-leading innovation hubs that support coworking and rapid product commercialisation for startups, scale-ups and corporates. Access to high speed fibre, smart-city initiatives and proximity to power generation and water supply provide strong platforms for data centre development, digital innovation and tech-based operations.