Technology-driven economic development and industry focus is an established regional growth strategy for Lake Macquarie City. Known as LakeConnect, this strategy is aspirational and core to Dantia’s mission.

LakeConnect is about building a prosperous region driven by sustainable, technology-enabled and technology-focused industries.

Dantia is seeking to grow a resilient and vibrant connected community by encouraging collaboration between business, government and industry, and fostering and recognising innovation and leadership.

Competitive advantage

  • The City already nurtures a strong work ethos and willingness to embrace technology.
  • By 2015, the National Broadband Network will service about 75 per cent of businesses and residents in Lake Macquarie City. Internet connectivity will become standard in Lake Macquarie City and the local workforce will expect innovative and technology-focused business investment in the City.
  • An extremely diverse City-wide economy has created an entrepreneurial business base with more than 12,000 prospering businesses.
  • By 2020, successful implementation of LakeConnect will deliver additional and identifiable technology-driven jobs over and above business-as-usual outcomes.

To support technology Dantia aims to:

  • Implement LakeConnect to foster innovation and investment in sustainable, technology-enabled and technology-focused industries that capitalise on the rollout of broadband infrastructure.

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