Retail and commercial

Retail and commercial

Servicing NSW’s largest population base outside of Sydney, Lake Macquarie City has unique and attractive features defining its core retail and commercial sector.

Competitive advantage

The City has 10 town centres serving as hubs for the local communities that circle Lake Macquarie. Each of these centres has its own uniquely identifiable and community-based retail and commercial precincts. Geographic dispersal makes each independently viable and successful, and facilitates access to economically and socially diverse markets around the Lake.

In addition to the town centres is the City’s hub for commercial and retail activities, Charlestown. Located close to Lake Macquarie City’s border with Newcastle, it is home to GPT’s $840 million major regional shopping centre, Charlestown Square, as well as a significant number of commercial and mixed-use (commercial/residential, retail/commercial and retail/commercial/residential) developments.

Charlestown’s master plan identifies 22ha of available or under-developed land. With Charlestown Square regularly securing more than 98 per cent occupancy, there is plenty of room for further profitable economic development in Charlestown and around the Lake.

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