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2 September, 2021

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Dantia recently joined more than 500 people across regional NSW in the Regional Housing Taskforce virtual roadshow and shared ideas as to how the NSW Government can unlock much-needed housing in regional communities.

Lake Macquarie is the third largest regional city in NSW. Its population of over 207,000 is expected to grow by 28,000 by 2036, driving demand for 13,500 new dwellings and 12,000 new jobs. Its proximity to Sydney together with its wealth of economically underutilised and potentially available land, positions Lake Macquarie to be one of the most significant liveable regional cities in NSW.

The economic growth and opportunity of the city, and the value it adds to the emerging Sydney mega region, commands an urgent need for residential lots and new dwellings. Accelerating the construction of a diverse range of housing stock will also increase housing affordability, support inbound migration, and stimulate jobs and investment.

Dantia CEO Katherine O’Regan explains “Dantia supports the Government’s efforts to streamline and simplify the current planning regulations controlling new developments while improving quality and sustainability in NSW. We also support recent efforts to remove unnecessary ‘red-tape’ as a way of stimulating the NSW economy and value the Government’s focus on the specific challenges and planning barriers to housing delivery facing regional NSW”.

In providing input to the Taskforce, Dantia’s submission sets out the Lake Macquarie strategic context and then addresses issues and makes recommendations according to the four pillars of the NSW Housing Strategy, Housing 2041: supply, diversity, affordability, and resilience.

The delivery of affordable and diverse housing is critical to meet the economic growth and prosperity of the Lake Macquarie region now and for the decades ahead.

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