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Project Phase

Planning Approval


The Project

This project has the potential to be the one of the largest redevelopment precincts in the Hunter Region. Based at the former Pasminco site at Boolaroo, the development is set to include 80ha of residential development and 40ha of commercial land.

Once complete, the project is estimated to provide $2 billion in total economic benefits, and 1,650 long-term jobs, representing a significant gain for Lake Macquarie and broader NSW.

Positioned in the heart of Lake Macquarie, it will provide strategically located residential precincts and expand retail offerings with the potential to attract large scale retailers to the region.

The Challenge

This site housed a former lead and zinc smelter that went into administration in 2001, resulting in a remediation obligation for administrators prior to sale. The site includes a containment cell, which requires perpetual management.

The project involved a complex web of stakeholders including the land’s administrators, creditors, local and state government and prospective land purchasers. Each group had a unique and strong agenda. However, there was no coordinated approach to communications between the parties and no broad vision for the potential of the site that brought together commercial, environmental, social and community interests.

In May 2017 one of the major potential land purchases, critical to activating the site, advised the Pasminco administrators and Lake Macquarie City Council that they were walking away from the sale. This put years of work and the sites potential as an economic and residential epicentre of Lake Macquarie at risk. Dantia was asked to step in to revive the project and re-engage the key stakeholders.

Our Solution

  • Identified project roadblocks. We asked, listened and consulted with each party to understand their social and business drivers and the history of the project. This process uncovered a complex set of technical and commercial issues including the performance and funding of the containment cell and commitments parties had made in contracts of sale. We succinctly clarified these issues into a tangible and relatable summary that was shared with all stakeholders and used to navigate a way forward.
  • Undertook economic analysis to determine the key benefits of the project – one of the biggest potential projects in the state. By valuing the investment particularly in terms of its job creation, during both the construction and ongoing operational phases, all parties were able to see the significance of the development to the region.
  • Articulated a common purpose to create project momentum and build trust between stakeholders. By using the economic analysis we were able to establish a higher purpose – employment opportunities and housing for current and future generations – a true rallying point and a strong purpose for all parties.
  • Developed a strategic action plan to progress the objectives and needs of all parties. This plan was based on the shared vision we had developed that took into account the respective commercial, social and community drivers for each stakeholder. We were able to do this as we were completely independent of every other party in the process, a trusted facilitator and mediator to bring each group together.
  • Coordinated a ‘whole of government’ approach. We were able to gain the support of local politicians and relevant government departments and ensure they were coordinated and cohesive in their provision of feedback and responses to requests from the prospective land purchases.
  • Assisted Government to consider commercial implications of their decisions. With Dantia’s support local and state government gained direct feedback from commercial parties on their proposals and were able to test ideas prior to implementation. This process ensured Government stakeholders considered the broader commercial outcomes of their decisions rather than allowing technical issues to set the project agenda.
$250M Total Project Value
1,214 Jobs During Construction
2 B Economic Impact Per Annum

Dantia provided strategic leadership and an action orientated approach that enabled everyone to agree and invest in a shared vision for the development, within a highly complex environment.

Darren Van Aardt Director, Green Capital Group