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Cedar Mill

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Cedar Mill (Winarch Capital)


  • Residential
  • Commercial Construction
  • Tourism

Project Phase

Planning Approval


The Project

Winarch Capital’s $235 million redevelopment of Morisset Golf Course, to be known as Cedar Mill, includes a new concert venue, cafes and restaurants, tourist accommodation and Australia’s largest aquatic play park across a 90 hectare site.

The Cedar Mill cultural, arts and events space has up to 50,000 capacity outdoor concert venue and will attract headline international artists and performances to Lake Macquarie and the Hunter.

The creation of 1,124 jobs during construction, 475 long-term jobs and $167 million in economic benefits, make Cedar Mill one of the largest projects in the region.

Morriset is a key economic catalyst area within Lake Macquarie, strategically located one hour from Sydney, with strong population growth and exceptional access to the M1 and major commuter rail links. Cedar Mill will strengthen and expand Morriset’s growth and will be a catalyst for the continued development of the area.

The Challenge

The huge 90 hectare parcel of land meant this was a complex project, one that needed strategic planning and project management and community engagement.

Given its strategic location, size and scale, Lake Macquarie City Council (LMCC) and the NSW Government had identified the area including the Morisset Golf Club and surrounds as a strategic economic centre. Winarch sought Dantia’s assistance help with creating greater alignment with local council objectives, with the aim of developing a sustainable asset with significant commercial and social benefits to the local community and broader region.

Dantia brought together all parties and helped Winarch to showcase a master-planned opportunity, rather than just a mix of residential, education and bulky goods retail activity  for land sale purposes. The proposal was significant and presented as a catalyst to kick-start the revitalisation of the greater Morisset area and set it up to become a strategic economic centre. This new approach supported Winarch Capital’s Managing Director Paul Lambess’ strong passion and genuine interest in creating a development that would generate growth and prosperity for the area and ultimately gained community and government support.

Our Solution

  • Assisted Winarch Capital to redesign the development proposal to utilise the full potential of the land and align objectives with LMCC and the NSW Government’s strategic vision. We were able to boost the likelihood of project approval by helping Winarch to create a more unique proposal that planned to develop a new economic base for the area and significant opportunity for job creation, diversification and tourism.
  • Worked with Winarch to develop a strategic communication and community engagement program to convey the extraordinary benefits and huge scope of the project to key stakeholders. This included introducing Winarch to consultants, respected community members and parliamentarians and providing assistance in regard to messaging. This engagement process which took place early in the concept planning process resulted in an overwhelming positive support from the community and its appointed representatives.
  • Provided ongoing monitoring and stakeholder management to ensure project momentum was maintained. Dantia is overseeing the engagement between LMCC planning team, Winarch and their consultants to ensure challenges are identified and solved in a timely manner and external referral tasks set by state government agencies are able to be met.
$253M Total Project Value
579 Jobs Created
$789M Economic Impact During Construction

Dantia supported us from initial idea through to DA lodgement. They provided critical insights, removed barriers and provided key contacts in a range of disciplines that enabled us to take on a regionally and nationally significant investment project. Dantia’s support was instrumental in achieving the traction and ambitious timeframes we set for this project.

Paul Lambess Managing Director, Winarch Capital