Key Industries

Key Industries

Engineering and manufacturing

Development of industrial lands, investment in major roads and freight rail infrastructure, new research and development facilities, skills development and training, and the rollout of the National Broadband Network are together paving a dynamic future for manufacturing and engineering in Lake Macquarie City.



Lake Macquarie City is already engaged in the logistics industry, and the potential for growth is significant. Natural advantages provide scope for meaningful growth of freight movements in, out of and through the City. Direct links to national freight networks and industrial-zoned land neighbouring transit corridors makes it an ideal location for freight services and infrastructure.


Lake Macquarie City is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Nature- based tourism, from beach, to lake, to forest, is supported by a range of high-quality accommodation, food and entertainment options.

Retail and commercial

Servicing NSW’s largest population base outside of Sydney, Lake Macquarie City has unique and attractive features defining its core retail and commercial sector.


Dantia seeks to facilitate the growth of local tertiary education and research tailored to the support needs of local businesses across all identified target industries. Tertiary education, including research and development capability, is a critical component in driving economic growth.


Lake Macquarie City Council’s mission, developed in partnership with the community, is to deliver a quality lifestyle and maximize the wellbeing of all who live in, work in and visit the City. Aligned with that mission is one of Dantia’s core strategic objectives: to promote and facilitate public and private investment in healthcare infrastructure and services.


Technology-driven economic development and industry focus is an established regional growth strategy for Lake Macquarie City. Known as LakeConnect, this strategy is aspirational and core to Dantia’s mission.

Other industries

Lake Macquarie City has a diversity of industries and a broadly qualified and experienced workforce. In addition to identified target industries, the following sectors form an integral part of the City’s economy: mining, power generation, and construction and trades.

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