Dantia seeks to facilitate the growth of local tertiary education and research tailored to the support needs of local businesses across all identified target industries.

Tertiary education, including research and development capability, is a critical component in driving economic growth. It provides direct training for those employed in key industries and, more importantly, provides the intellectual input to drive innovation and entrepreneurialism in our businesses. These are the cornerstones of new product development, efficiency and value-added productivity.

The educational needs of the people and workers of Lake Macquarie City are broad, as is the infrastructure available to them. Although the City has access to quality research and education programs at the nearby University of Newcastle campuses and excellent local TAFE facilities, there is a particular need for an increased investment in tertiary education in Lake Macquarie.

Dantia is an advocate for continuous improvement in the provision of educational facilities and services and will work with government and businesses to increase investment in this critical long-term expansionary industry.

Competitive advantage

Population growth, combined with a growing proportion of residents attaining trade and industry-related post-secondary school qualifications, is placing unprecedented demands on private and public sector education infrastructure in the City.

To support education Dantia aims to:

Work with government and business to increase investment in:

  • public and private education infrastructure in the City; and
  • initiatives that support innovation through continuous improvement in research and development.

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