Dantia Operational Plan 2017-2018 Released

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Lara Grierson



4 May, 2017

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The Lake Macquarie Economic Development Company Ltd, trading as Dantia has been established by Lake Macquarie City Council because city leaders are profoundly aware of their responsibility to create and maintain a truly livable City, where people thrive. Such a place is one where people choose to: invest and work; create homes; play and rest.

Dantia is an innovative company in the Australian cities revitalization and development landscape. The company has been assigned the stewardship to lead, grow and build the City’s economic base which is essential to create an enduring foundation for a livable city.

Lake Macquarie Economic Development Company notes that the Economic Development Strategy 2014-2018 remains wholly consistent with the City of Lake Macquarie’s Strategic Plan 2013-2023, Council’s Lifestyle 2030 plan and the Draft 2017 – 2027 Community Strategic Plan. The Board and management remain passionately committed to leading Lake Macquarie City’s economic growth and development agenda.

In FY 2018, Dantia’s operations will move into a phase focused on:

  • supporting new and existing businesses to prosper regardless of macroeconomic cycles;
  • attracting a diverse range of employee hungry industries and business; and
  • advocating for planning processes and infrastructure that drive investment toward the City.

Regarding existing industries and businesses, FY2018 will see Dantia working to understand and leverage their capability as well as challenges to growth. We will find and create opportunities to assist industries and businesses to grow their capability and results.

operational plan imageDantia will also be actively identifying areas of new opportunity in the city and seek out and support business from the market interested in commercializing those opportunities.

We will also work with key stakeholder to find innovation in planning processes aimed at enhancing public and private sector productivity and reducing the time it takes to deliver economic and employment driving opportunities

This Operational Plan articulates the drivers, actions and outcomes for the forthcoming FY2018.

The Board and team at Danita look forward to reporting on the achievements arising from this Operational Plan.

– Peter Francis, Chief Executive Officer

Download the Lake Macquarie City Economic Development Operational Plan 2017-2018 here.