Dantia aims to cash in on city rail woes

Dantia aims to cash in on city rail woes
20 August 2014 Admin

WATCH out Newcastle. Lake Macquarie City Council has begun an economic venture hungry for a slice of redevelopment pie.

Dantia, a Lake Macquarie council-funded body focused on economic development, was on show at the Property Council’s Hunter Chapter lunch yesterday.

Starting with a $1million budget and a board of seven independent directors, Dantia will be  chaired by the Property Council’s Edward Crawford.

Dantia chief executive Adam Cougle caused a flurry of controversy when he flagged plans to lure businesses to Lake Macquarie while Newcastle CBD was disrupted with rail works.

‘‘If you’re looking to spend money why would you not go to somewhere that is 90per cent occupied,’’ Mr Cougle said, referring to Charlestown Square. Read the full article by Peta Doherty in Newcastle Herald here.