Want better internet in Lake Macquarie?

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Lara Grierson



8 June, 2017

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Does your business need faster, more reliable, and dedicated internet? As Lake Macquarie’s Economic Development Company, we believe businesses need internet speeds that far exceed what is currently available in order to perform at the optimal level.

We’re lagging behind global speeds, in fact our internet speeds are slower than what is available in Kenya and Romania, and it is vastly impacting our potential performance on a global scale. From video game developers sending their files by road due to slow internet speeds, to ACCC investigations over slow broadband speeds and inflated performance claims, the danger is truly whether we can be digitally competitive and live up to our Smart City visions within the current infrastructure.

“…the problem goes beyond sluggish Netflix streams and slurred Skype calls. Businesses complain that slow speeds hobble their effectiveness and add to their costs. More broadly, Australia risks being left behind at a time when countries like China and India are looking to nurture their own start-up cultures to match the success of Silicon Valley and keep their economies on the cutting edge.” – ANDREW McMILLEN, The New York Times 

We are in the process of putting together a plan to deliver enterprise grade internet connections to local businesses with speeds far exceeding NBN.

Please take 2 minutes to share your experiences and register for updates on our progress via this quick survey.